Through My Cats’ Eyes

Cats are my excuse to be curious.  I am fascinated by what catches their eye.  My cats find woolly bears, preying mantis, mice and other critters in the backyard that I would miss if it were not for the cats literally pointing the way with their noses and paws.  How cool is that?


4 comments on “Through My Cats’ Eyes

  1. Cats that chase rodents away are cool. You don’t want to have air intake problems with your vehicle due to rodents making nests in your air filter under the hood. As well, there’s also hunta virus and bubonic plague to worry about and your cats, being the wise creatures that they are, don’t want to deal with this so they nip it in the bud. I don’t blame them for pointing the way to the critters to you with their noses and their paws. I also don’t blame them for taking the matter into their own jurisdiction after a while, if you don’t get the hint and just can’t bring yourself to eliminate the filthy vermin.

  2. I apologize for not being familiar with your comment format. To get to the blathering point, let the marvelous cats do their job and don’t be squeamish about their eliminating threats to their, and your, health.

  3. I am trying this again after logging in. I say right on to the cats getting the diseaser-spreading and air filter-stuffing vermin but I hesitate to promote paying any attention to their pointing paws or noses when they are directed at a praying mantis as they are good for eliminating plant-eating pests.

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