Arrgggh, Finally got back onto this Site!

It’s been a long time since I posted here.  I lost my user name, then I lost my password and only today realized I could search my email address and find them.  You’d think but then you’d be wrong.  Does anyone else lose their mind over the winter?  My cats do but they don’t keep this blog—or do they?




4 comments on “Arrgggh, Finally got back onto this Site!

  1. I was afraid that my uninhibited blather (after all, I am the blatherer himself of blatheringpost) had bummed yoout and being a seemingly eternal cat-lover you had gone off into the garden to watch what they were pointing at and would not be back.I sure think the world revolves around me, don’t I?Welcome back you, and your cats, too.

    • Thanks for hanging around and continuing to check in on my blog!!! I appreciate it. But I was just revolving around myself for the moment.:… 🙂 Winter is my time to hibernate. The cats were, and continue to be, a very good distraction and certainly are my excuse to connect with others. I do do a lot with them;) This winter has been a really good bonding period with them. I wasn’t at all sure they would manage indoors without the grass to nibble. I will be posting more and more often. Take care out there…. s

  2. Gotta take care…don’t want to bump into anything or slip. The ice patches are just about gone, though. I think the Pennsylvania Groundhog, Phil, is accurate in his shadowy predictions and your cats will be enjoying the garden again relatively soon…about three weeks at earliest, four at latest.

    • I agree about the ice. And Phil. I also think the scads (well, really, there were only 6 to 8) of wooley bears in my backyard last fall predicted a pretty bad winter. It was the first time I ever saw so many in one area. I keep hoping to find them this spring fluttering about as whatever they grew into over the winter. Stay well.

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