Coolness in Cats

According to Animal Planet, shelters can evaluate cat personalities and then match them with adopters.  According to me, cats are very honest creatures.  What we see in the shelter may or may not be the cat you get when you bring him/her into your home.  A shelter cat is stressed.  The cats that can handle that stress usually get adopted first.  The ones who are not happy with that stress are more difficult to place but in the home become really wonderful companions.  Basically, we can try to match cats with adopters but sometimes adopters are not honest with themselves or with us.  We had a visitor a week ago who made all of those of us who met or talked with her itchy about something she was saying or doing.  Really itchy.  Something about her just raised the hair on the backs of our necks.  The cats sensed it.  I sensed it.  The adoption coordinators sensed it.  But cats never lie.  They may bite.  They may jump into your lap and steal your heart.  But they never lie.


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